We are a company that was developed by lawyers for people with legal needs.  Needing a lawyer can be confusing.  What type of specialty do I need?  Can I trust him/her?  Is he/she qualified to handle my specific matter?  With our format, you provide us with basic information on what happened and the details of your situation.  You will speak to a licensed attorney in your state within 24-48 business hours of your submission.  All of the lawyers associated with our website have been properly vetted as experienced in your specialty and have the proper licenses and insurance.

That attorney will ask you for details of the situation and assist you in resolving the matter or referring you to a specialist.  Legal fees may be discussed during that initial telephone conversation and you will be apprised of the fees along the way.  The fees may be of a flat fee nature (a one-time fee for attendance at a hearing, proceeding or other meeting) or a retainer fee (monies placed into a trust account with the bank commonly called an IOLTA account) or on a contingency basis (no fee owed if no settlement or award).

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